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CONQUERING ANIMAL SOUND || Kammerspiel Remixed GZH33

DIGITAL || Download in your choice of MP3 or Lossless.

Digital only album exclusive to the Gizeh Store. A selection of remixes from Conquering Animal Sound's debut album 'Kammerspiel', originally released as a limited edition companion with initial orders of 'Kammerspiel'.

The print is an image designed by Anneke Kampman and is printed on 21x21cm white recycled card.
[posted in a tube mailer]


Originally released on a CD which accompanied the very limited edition (of 50) version of Kammerspiel.

Now released as a digital only album available exclusively through the Gizeh Store.

It's a great companion to 'Kammerspiel' and features remixes from: Errors, Fieldhead, slowsecret, brothersGRIMM, Field Mouse, Dam Mantle, Lamplighter, Iliop and Fox Gut Daata.


  1. Giant (Field Mouse Remix)
  2. Bear (Lamplighter Remix)
  3. Wasp (Iliop Remix)
  4. Wildthings (brothersGRIMM Remix)
  5. Maschine (Fox Gut Daata Remix)
  6. Tracer (Errors Remix)
  7. Ira (slowsecret Remix)
  8. Flinch (Dam Mantle Remix)
  9. Giant (Fieldhead Remix)
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