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DETWIIJE || Six Is Better Than Eight GZH32

DIGITAL || Download in your choice of MP3 or Lossless.

A pay what you want release. Please note that all donations go directly towards funding future Gizeh releases. Exclusive to the Gizeh Store.

In 2005 Gizeh released Detwiije's debut album 'Would You Rather Be Followed By Forty Ducks For the Rest of Your Life?'. Our interest in working with Detwiije originated from hearing this self-released EP in 2003.

It's a wonderful piece of work. Something we have re-visited recently and re-ignited our love for.

After a very short conversation with the band we agreed to re-release this EP to the world once more. Unfortunately Detwiije is now no more but behind them in their short life they left two special records.

This EP is download only, there will be no re-press on CD or vinyl of this release.


  1. Bee
  2. La Guerre Des Mondes
  3. Six Is Better Than Eight
  4. Waltz