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A-SUN AMISSA || Desperate in Her Heavy Sleep GZH37

CD || Housed in a 6 panel matte finished digifile sleeve. Includes a free instant download of the entire album in your choice of MP3 or Lossless and an exclusive bonus photo booklet.

DIGITAL || Download in your choice of MP3 or Lossless.CD is housed in a 6 panel matte finished digifile sleeve. Download available as MP3 or Lossless.

A-Sun Amissa is a new project formed out of Leeds, UK by members of Glissando. Built on the foundations of the unknown, a project that encompasses minimalist drones, modern-classical movements and avant-garde tendencies.

Richard Knox (Glissando / 'The Rustle of the Stars' / Of Thread & Mist) & Angela Chan (Glissando / 'The Rustle of the Stars' / Ten / Tomorrow We Sail) began forming initial ideas in the Autumn of 2011, moving away from the piano-led ambience of previous outputs. Long-time friend Owen Pegg was soon invited to join the project as the pieces developed to enable the songs the depth and intensity they require.

The trio produce a dense, drone-like atmosphere accompanying evocative, melodic string sections and intertwining guitars. The live show features sections of the recorded output combined with improvisation to unlock new movements and progressions in the music. The subtle, considered textures and the hypnotic interaction between players and instruments provide an intense live performance.

"Mournful strings, guitars, and dark ambient shadings conjure a haunted, reverberant soundtrack for the end of days, and for one funereal minute after another, cello, violin, and guitars quietly wail, as if caught within some slow-motion death spiral" Textura

“I fear listening to this music on the move, afraid I may end up huddled in corner, cowering and whimpering, mistaking the accidental nudges of fellow passengers of my commute to be the bony hands of death, beckoning me to my demise. There is a firm density of bone crushing weight that lays heavily on the chest yet light on the ears. Paradoxically the tracks remain sparse in their instrumentation, infrequently using more than three (perceived) sound sources at any one given time. A heavy atmosphere despairing face down in open palms.” Fluid Radio

“Desperate in Her Heavy Sleep presents a focused sound that is accomplished and intriguing. The sprawling compositions avoid the mundane repetition that plagues much of the ambient/drone world and instead subtly develops and evolves like the choice work of Stars of the Lid. In today's increasingly crowded drone scene, it has become exponentially difficult for musicians to make a unique, defining statement. With Desperate in Her Heavy Sleep, A-Sun Amissa has our full attention.” The Silent Ballet

A-Sun Amissa: Angela Chan, Richard Knox, Owen Pegg
All tracks composed, recorded and mixed by A-Sun Amissa, mostly at Cloud Blunt Moon between September and December 2011. Additional tracking and mixing at City#1.
Cello on 1 & 3 by Florence V.J. Fawcett.

Mastered by Lawrence English at 158.


  1. Arm in Arm to a Full Awakening... Rusted Clocks Sing Faded Hymns. Woven. Nomere.
  2. Dislocated Harmony... Into Small Cold Eyes. Several Miles Above.
  3. A Hungover Whisper... Thin Light Failure. Decay.
  4. Speechless Turns... Hung Up. Rejoice Me More Than Mine.
  5. Ceremony