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THE FREEMARTIN CALF (Original Soundtrack) GZH42

LP || 180g heavyweight vinyl, DVD of the film, 8 page booklet, download of the soundtrack plus an additional exclusive bonus download of the soundtrack being performed live at the Saint-Merry Church in Paris, April 2011. Housed in a black paper inner sleeve and packed to reverse printed black and white outer sleeves. Limited Edition deluxe vinyl of 300 numbered copies.

DIGITAL || Download in your choice of MP3 or Lossless.

A very special limited edition release, from the founding members of FareWell Poetry.

The Freemartin Calf is a labour-of-love film and soundtrack, created in the home workshops of filmmaker Jayne Amara Ross and composer Frédéric D. Oberland, with the significant contribution of cellist Gaspar Claus.

Written in 2008 as a deliberation on the creative process, the film relates a day in the life of a young girl and her mother as they brave two very separate realities governed by the desire to both reject, and conform to, the societal roles imposed upon them.

Shot on super 8 between 2009 and 2010 and scored during the spring and summer months of 2010, The Freemartin Calf is imbued with a delicate fragility synonymous with the inner experience of its protagonists.

For more information and to watch the trailer for the film visit:

“An arresting film narrative and a provocative stand-alone soundtrack. Moments of beauty are many”

“Delicate and very effecting. A comparison would be the spoken elements of Swans and lyrically it shares much with the film noir cool of Enablers.” Nine Hertz

“Shot in stark black and white and imbued with a mesmerising dreamlike fragility, the film’s look brings to mind some of the great Expressionist movies of 1930s Germany as well as Tarkovsky’s Stalker and the work of modern masters such as Béla Tarr.” Decoder Magazine

“Elegant, harrowing, and consistently captivating.” A Closer Listen

“Deeply evocative and dangerously sensual.” Fluid Radio


  1. The Crossing I, Winter Stone and Mortar
  2. The Bed-Crows, Girasol
  3. The Crossing II, Gutter-Plunder
  4. Slim-Cut Topiaries
  5. On the Edge of the Great Precipice
  6. Swaddling Thickets of White Deafness
  7. The Sacrifice
  8. The End, Credits