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AIDAN BAKER - The Spectrum of Distraction

Robotic Empire

AIDAN BAKER - The Spectrum of Distraction


Specifically designed to be played on shuffle and yield a completely unique experience each time, AIDAN BAKER’s audacious monsterpiece, The Spectrum of Distraction, takes a nod from Zappa’s technique of ’xenochrony’ and runs it though the digital age via the shuffle aspect of CD and MP3 players. 96(!) tracks spanning two discs create an incredibly varied landscape through each listen, with pieces ranging from just a few seconds to over seven minutes, there is no shortage of diversity here. 

Hallucinatory dreamscapes weave into frantic noize into dubby passages into chilled out jazz into psychedelic grooves into an oppressive industrial crunch into a hip hop bop into almighty sludge dirges and almost everything else the kitchen sink offers can all be found somewhere within this bold beast of a project. Start to finish / through and through, nowhere else is it possible to experience anything quite like AIDAN BAKER’s truly enthralling creation, The Spectrum of Distraction.

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