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LAST HARBOUR - Paler Cities

Gizeh Records

LAST HARBOUR - Paler Cities

Maintaining the high standards set by Caul, these two new tracks are a more direct version of Last Harbour's signature form, leaning towards a more stripped back, less textured post-punk sound. K Craig's voice echoes and cascades through duelling guitars and metronomic beats on the lead track before giving way to slower tones and late-night melody on The Curved Road, augmented by electric pianos, synths and simple percussion. These new tracks show a progressive band in full force, tapping into themes of city dislocation, mazes and traps. They expertly navigate the intimate and the expansive and document a band still growing, changing and connecting.

• 7" // Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies. Vinyl comes in a beautiful risograph printed sleeve with an additional postcard insert printed by Red Plate Press. Includes a download code for two additional, exclusive tracks, only available when purchasing the 7".
• DIGITAL // Visit our Bandcamp page to purchase digital items in Lossless/MP3 format.

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