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Memory Drawings - The Nearest Exit

Zozaya / Signal

MEMORY DRAWINGS - The Nearest Exit


The Nearest Exit is the third album from Anglo/American collective Memory Drawings. Led by the hammered dulcimer of Minneapolis-based Joel Hanson, the band also features Richard Adams (Hood / The Declining Winter), Sarah Kemp (Brave Timbers), Chris Cole (Movietone / Manyfingers) and Gareth S Brown (Hood). 

Ever since its stripped-down pastoral debut, Music for Another Loss, Memory Drawings' short dulcimer-driven instrumentals have flowered into lengthier, more full-bodied compositions that inadvertently pay homage to the group's musical heroes. This time around, the band consciously set out to make a sprawling record in the spirit of Bark Psychosis' Hex or Slowdive's Pygmalion, abandoning verse-chorus structures in favour of a music that turns slowly and subtly before bringing the listener to more hopeful, redemptive places.

Distributed item on Zozaya / Signal Records.

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