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Several Wives - Göldi fell | Gizeh Records

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SEVERAL WIVES - Göldi fell


Several Wives lie in the darkened corner of a room.  Paintings torn, forgotten against the wall. Dead rhythms seep through the floor.  Everything is tired. Everything is jaded.

GZH91DP • July 26th 2019 • CD / Digital

CD is a limited edition of 175 copies as part of Gizeh's 'Dark Peak' series. Housed in a black, gatefold, recycled card sleeve. Each copy is printed and assembled by hand at Gizeh HQ. Download code included.

Göldi fell is Several Wives’ newest work, following on from the excellent Blonde, Arms Tight Black cassette release on Tombed Visions last year. The bowed, electro-acoustic, heavy drones continue and present an almost horror-soundtrack performance of intense beauty. It’s a deep, dark world of reverb, echoes, and distant pulses all struggling to be heard and understood.

This is a stunning piece of experimental, almost classical work, evoking a sense of ethereal dread and mournful regret. A thick air creeps in. It’s a doom-ladened record and one that will take you over if you let it.

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