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SLOMO - Transits

Trilithon Records

SLOMO - Transits


Following a rare spate of gigs in 2012-2013, Slomo now present their fourth album ‘Transits’, a distillation of the intervening years’ spontaneous improvisations for time and space. ‘Transits’ finds the duo of Holy McGrail and Howard Marsden further psychedelicising their core guitar/synth drone sound with loops, bit-crushers and ring modulators to deliver three shimmering celestial pieces for frozen night skies.

‘Transits’ features artwork by acclaimed Texas-based artist Xochi Solis and sleeve notes from the Spanish explorer and poet, Annexus Quamm.

“…sounds like it has just eaten a nosebag full of codeine and is now filming itself with a slow motion phone app. Twinkling, celestial … increasingly sublime … a slow, psychedelic surge lurching and swelling towards static bliss.”


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