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Almost the whole Gizeh catalogue on CD in one discounted package.

The bundle includes:
Chantal Acda - Let Your Hands Be My Guide
Chantal Acda - Live in Dresden
A-Sun Amissa - Desperate in Her Heavy Sleep
Aidan Baker - Half Lives
Conquering Animal Sound - Kammerspiel
Detwiije - Would You Rather Be Followed By forty Ducks For the Rest of Your Life?Farewell Poetry - Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite
Glissando - With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards the Burning Sea
Glissando - The World Without Us
Her Name is Calla - The Heritage
Richard Knox & Frederic D. Oberland - The Rustle of the Stars
Last Harbour - Caul
Mere - Mere
Ormonde - Cartographer/Explorer
Redjetson - Other Arms
Shield Patterns - Contour Lines
Shield Patterns - Violet EP
Sleepingdog - With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields
Tomorrow We Sail - For Those Who Caught the Sun in Flight
worriedaboutsatan - Arrivals

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